Finding the perfect leader for your team

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Objective, bias-free assessment is the cornerstone of any successful hiring decision.

An executive’s skills and experience are easy to assess objectively, but how well they will fit into your unique leadership team is harder to calculate. As a result, it’s often judged subjectively. Unfortunately, this subjectivity undermines many senior appointments. The result? An unacceptably high failure rate in traditional executive searches.

That’s why we have developed the BEYOND methodology that removes this guesswork and radically increases the probability of a successful hire through a scientifically proven method combining neuroscience, profiling, and best practice for executive search.


The method

Through profiling, we gain an understanding of your existing team’s leadership archetype.
We develop an ideal behavioural leadership profile for the current vacancy, looking at which executive will complement the existing team members and drive enhanced team chemistry and performance.
We then place this profile front and centre, giving it equal importance alongside skills and experience, allowing us to deliver high-conviction appointments where “team fit” is assessed objectively for the first time.

Our method addresses the most significant cause of failed executive appointments by avoiding technically brilliant candidates who are extraordinary human beings but have profiles that don’t work with the incumbent team.


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